Monday, 6 April 2009

This article “A late rush to clean up at the new Yankee stadium” by Mathew R. Warren. Is about how quick people cleaned the perimeter of the new stadium and the neighborhood within the stadium hours before the exhibition Yankees v.s Chicago cubs. The custodians inside the stadium made the last finishing touches to make the stadium look good, the park workers cleaned the parks, in overall the garbage cleaners clean the whole neighborhood. The reaction to the people around the area are surprise of all this changes some of them are good reaction others think is the Bronx is going to be the same after this game is done.

My comment for this is that I think is stupid to clean up because the Yankees are going to play. Not only on the neighborhood the workers should clean, and all this should not only happen ones a day it should happen everyday in every part of the world. So people don’t get to excited because I bet you the if you go to the new stadium today you’ll se dirty why because the Yankees already played.

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